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Dubai carpet cleaning services are working correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from a professional carpet cleaning company like Justmop.

The carpet was considered one of the most prominent material assets of any Iranian family. Still, thanks to its sophisticated and modern knitting machines and the astonishing variety of carpets, the carpet has been reduced in value but still for the Iranian family.

Its importance is essential in the design of home decoration and its value.


It is an artificial type of carpet woven by industrial machinery, unlike hand-made carpet. Due to the speed of production and the cheapness of raw materials ratio …

Hand-made Carpets are usually decorative.

These carpets are framed like paneling and mounted on the wall.

And there are two types of hand weaving and machine …

Women and the arts

In our culture, due to the general tendency for art and the pervasive arts such as carpet weaving and handicrafts, different masses of society have been engaged in artistic production.

The presence of women in some fields of art is so remarkable that they can be considered feminine art.

For example, the art of carpet weaving and other flooring is generally performed by women and girls, regardless of the design process and its technical dimensions.

The lively and vibrant spirit of Iranian women in various fields of art production, especially in the handicrafts and the home, has been crystallized and led to the creation of beautiful works of art in Iran.

Carpet and nature

One of the markets for carpets in Tehran is Silk House, which is known as the most significant carpet market in the country.

The complex has more than 50 commercial units on 3 floors that you, dear companions, can visit from 9 am to 9 pm and make your carpet.

Enter the online marketplace

Silk House will soon launch its virtual store on the Silk House website.

Naturally, the features and properties of a physical store are quite different from an online store.

But Silk House intends to reign supreme thinking in its store so that the unity of procedure remains in Silk House.

Book every home service you need with a few clicks.

All you have to do is decide which service you need and click on the home service icon. Whether you want to iron your shirt for a night out or clean your sofa like new, there’s a high-end Justmop expert to do it.

Services Carpet cleaning in dubai

One of the major problems of Dubai’s climate is the spread of dust.

Dust accumulates all over the surface, causing indoor air pollution.

If you have a surface that traps dust such as rugs , the problem becomes even worse.

For asthma sufferers and other respiratory problems, this can pose a serious challenge.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the carpet is especially important if the air quality is maintained indoors.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, even if you can do it alone using a vacuum cleaner, it may not eliminate all of the accumulated dust because the vacuum cleaners used in homes are different from those used by cleaning companies.

Used rugs.

Our professional carpet cleaning procedure begins with lifting the mechanical pile.

This method helps to eliminate the degradable soil of fiber on the carpet which is destroyed by the use of a powerful vacuum cleaner.

After removing the candle, the carpet is thoroughly examined for its bleeding or shrinkage.

Then a precondition is applied to suspend and remove any residual soil. Finally, a hot water extraction process is performed to clean the carpet fibers and eliminate any residual cleaning residues, if any.

This method also helps to dry the carpet quickly.

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