carpet factory in dubai

There are many carpet factories in Dubai that allow you to choose and diversify. Carpet factory in dubai is nesseccerry beaucase peaople in dubai like carpet in their house.

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Carpet factory in dubai

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Iran Carpet Export

About 50 percent of Iran’s handmade carpets are exported to only two countries (currently the two countries: the US and Germany, and in the years when the US did not have two German and Italian countries, Germany’s share of the bottomless country was almost three times that of Italy. Currently, the share of the US and Germany is about 25% (with a slight fluctuation).

About 15% of Iran’s handmade carpets are exported to Islamic countries (among Islamic countries: UAE-Lebanon-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Turkey-Bahrain and Qatar have imported the largest number of Iranian hand-made carpets).

You can contact our company in Dubai called uae carpet for the latest information on carpets. Or visit our office in Dubai.

Kashan Factory The oldest active factory for producing carpet

Kashan factory is the largest and most up to date machine manufacturing unit in Iran and even the world.

The factory has machines for carpet weaving in the number of 700, 1000 and 1200 combs. It can now be said that both the domestic market and the foreign market offer car rugs.

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the city had a textile industry, and this was the reason for the introduction of machine weaving machines into Iran.

The device was named Jacquard, which, according to experts in France, was made by Marie Jacquard for fabric.

This led to the construction of the first Iranian carpet in Kashan.

At first the carpet density and low number of carpets were woven, but the Kashan factory was able to achieve high densities.

Experience with trial and error has made this city the best carpet and fiber machine to make a carpet with the least flaws on the global market .

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