wash handmade rugs at home ، should and should not

wash handmade rugs at home is unavoidable, especially if you have children at home.

Dirty carpets reduce its appearance and beauty, so washing and cleaning the carpet is essential and has its own rules and regulations, especially if your carpet is handmade.

Handmade carpet washing and cleaning have certain rules and principles that preserve the quality of the carpet even after washing and also ensure that the carpet does not lose its original quality and as much as possible the appearance and construction properties. To protect yourself.

But if the wash is not done properly, your carpet will lose its appearance and damage its structure.

Wash handmade rugs at home

Normal dusting:

In this method, wash handmade rugs to remove the dust, shake the carpet or hit the carpet with a stick to remove the dust.

Wood blows should not be strong enough to damage the carpet texture.

If your carpet is a little outdated or old, or if the carpet is damaged, any damage to the carpet will be irreparable.

They then sweep the carpet with a vacuum cleaner so that the rug and the carpet do not break down and do not damage the carpet.

There is not much dust left in the carpet that needs to be dusted.

Steps to wash handmade rugs at home

When wash handmade rugs at home , follow these tips:

Wash your angel with cold water

Throw your angel after dusting on hard, cement, mosaic or steep terrain and start washing.

To rinse the carpet, the water flow should be at normal temperature and in the form of a shower. Never mention handmade rugs or a machine with warm water, as the Housewives Tips section points out.

Washing the hand-painted carpet with warm water causes the paint to stabilize in the bright parts of the carpet so it is difficult and expensive to paint.

The carpets are made of wool and silk or silk knots after washing. They are reduced.

Use proper detergent

When washing carpets, use neutral detergents such as water-soluble hand powder, carpet shampoo, and it is also advisable to remove dishwashing liquid or dissolved soap powder and never use alkalis to wash carpet.

How to dehydrate and dry the carpet

Do not pipe the hand-painted carpet after washing and rinse in wash handmade rugs it first with a shovel, and lather it with a towel or towel and place it on the floor for an hour until the water comes out Do not interfere with other parts of the carpet.

Such a carpet loses its moisture and is ready to flatten.

Be careful not to water the carpet after you pipe it and do not water the carpet again when flattening the carpet, as the roots will surely turn yellow. Widen your semi-wet rug from behind, in direct sunlight and in the air.

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