Exporting rugs from iran to dubai and Practical steps

Exporting rugs from iran exist . The existence of a valid invoice for the goods. Two ways

The production unit will export its product.

A trading company purchases domestically produced. As well as goods from a reputable manufacturing company and receives an official invoice. The goods need legal permits to be obtained. For example: Exporting rugs from iran and power outlet and exporting picnic gas requires a standard license. Pistachio exports requires a standard license, health certificate is disinfected. Export of eggs and live sheep need a license jihad.

The documents prepared shall be presented to the customs authorities. Which shall include the following: Business Cards Official purchase invoice Permissions obtained

Once the goods match the declaration.

The best and most profitable export products include pistachio, as well as saffron, carpet and crafts, petrochemicals and metal artifacts.

Exporting rugs from Iran

Neighboring countries are Exporting rugs from iran targeted at foreign exchange earnings. As well as with the largest exports being to Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, as well as Georgia and Armenia.

  Some of the most lucrative export commodities include:

  Export of rugs and leather

  Exports of foods such as saffron, fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and herbs

  Export of edible animals such as sheep and cattle

  Exports of non-food animals. Such as horses and bees

  Barley & Halva Exports

  Export of all kinds of stones and minerals

  Export of petrochemical and petroleum, bitumen, rubber and isogam goods

  Import vs. Export

  Currency Back to Banking System “Nima System”

  Currency exchange on the currency exchange

  Into static and dynamic profit from transactions. Static profit means the increase in social welfare. And as a result of maximizing national production. As well as the dynamic profit derived from accelerating economic growth in free trade countries.

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