Artificial Football Grass justification for the construction

Artificial Football Grass for increasing knowledge and advances in the artificial turf industry today have led to increased use of artificial turf in soccer fields and elsewhere, using artificial turf instead of natural grass.

The advantages of artificial turf over natural grass have the following advantages:
In artificial grass, there are many costs, including the costs of preparing the land, the costs of preparing seeds, planting, fertilizing, irrigation and mowing, and so on. .
Important = Rein The advantage of using artificial football grass lawn against natural lawn is the constant use of lawn, as in natural lawn lands it is necessary for the land to rest after a game, a natural lawn sports ground in most climates only It can be played for 4 hours a year. Because it requires constant maintenance, rest and full respiration after a game to maintain the quality of natural grass, as it requires 2 hours of natural grass for two hours of play.

While an artificial turf ground can be useful for up to 4 hours per year.

In this regard, it should be noted that natural grass lands cannot be played in irrigated and later periods, as well as in heavy rains. Although there is no restriction on artificial grass lands.

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Installation of artificial football grass

Today it is executing a plan to install artificial turf in accordance with FIFA standards and approvals in this regard.
The artificial grass infrastructure consists of two parts:
Part One: The drainage phase This phase is in accordance with the company plans. And according to FIFA standard drainage process.
Part II: Cushioning is a synthetic lawn that includes sandblasting. And complies with FIFA standards to make the lawn more durable.
Margin tabulation:
Implementation of concrete planStandard fencing of artificial turf ground
Lighting according to Football standards
Applying felt (felting)
Applying a velvet pattern on the surface of the fine-grained sand. So underneath the surface will not absorb water on the artificial grass caused by the rain. As well as which will help to accelerate the outflow of water. And also soften the floor during running and moving on It is used for that purpose.

Types of Artificial Grass

Artificial football grass

Artificial grass has different varieties depending on their application. If we want to classify the grasses according to their application, we can name the following types of artificial grass:

Artificial football grass for soccer fields and mini soccer fields.

So, Artificial grass for landscaping and cleaning.

Artificial grass with ornamental use for penthouses and roof gardens.

Furthermore Artificial lawns for high-rise environments and educational sites and boulevards.

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