Export of Iranian handmade and industrial rugs in dubai

Export of Iranian handmade rugs in eveeywhere exist. the good advantage of trading in carpets is that since Iranian carpets are widely known in the world and most markets in the world demand carpets, rugs or carpets, you can easily sell them and find your customers.

You have tough competitors, but the way we say it can provide you with the position or path you want in carpet exports.

Don’t just consider handmade carpets; carpets, rugs, and even carpets sell.

Carpet types are also in demand and are part of the carpet sale.

In Iran, we may distinguish between carpet and carpet, but it is basically a flooring.

Until about 5 years ago, the export of Iranian handmade was considered as a capital goods in different countries of the world, let alone what caused the handicrafts to become a consumer goods.

That is, no longer considered as gold or Swiss watches, which hold value increases and its value rises in dollars.

This type of goods is known as capital goods. Unfortunately, this is not the case now, and today the handmade carpet has reached the Chinese markets and the Chinese are making the handmade carpet.

But there are still different paths in the field of handmade carpets for Iran, and traditional and traditional Iranian carpets have not been opened to China, and Iranian specific designs have still managed to satisfy their market and taste.

How to export of Iranian handmade and machine rugs

One of the disadvantages of export of Iranian handmade. As well as is that you have to understand the meaning of the yarn, the fabric and the design.

Every design has its own meaning, its own master and every carpet has its own weaver.

If you are into the field of old carpets that have their own world, and carpet history is added to the technical information.

Export of Iranian handmade

But with all this you can work in carpets, especially car rugs have a good market. And you do not have to work on expensive carpets first, which is a big deal.

Most carpet and rug manufacturers in Iran are looking to sell their products. When you get on the export of Iranian handmade track. As well as you see a lot of people telling you every day to buy our product.

You just need to take photos and sketch them and make them available to customers through your own directory.

If the way we say foreign market customers reach you, you will find very good customers for these rugs. As well as make a great profit because each handmade rug has its own design and no second.

Customers will trust you after a while and you will get a great market. The field is very valuable.

Even in the field of carpeting there are very good conditions.

We have very good carpet manufacturers in the Iranian market and you can use their capacity for export. The world market is also consuming it.

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