Handmade carpet weaving everything you need to know about

Handmade carpet weaving , especially Iranian handmade carpets that are thousands of years old, have great artistic, economic and commercial value.

This authentic Iranian art has always been regarded as a unique craft in the domestic and foreign community.

The art of carpet weaving in Iran goes back to 5 years.

Introduction The carpet weaving industry started from the mat and then changed to carpet and large handmade carpet weaving and carpets that always represented the specific culture of each region.

It is well known that carpet weaving produces about 2 jobs from the time its wool is on the skin to the moment it is fully offered to the buyer, which, if such statistics are exaggerated. Must be acknowledged to be truly carpet art.

Handicraft weaving is an employment activity, especially in small towns and villages. As well as where it is a source of income for a large number of citizens.

Carpets, scarves, combs, knives, scissors, sticks, kochi, rucksack and skewers are the essentials of carpet weaving.

Carpet weaving is one of the oldest and most ancient jobs in Iran.

Handmade carpet weaving

Equipment for handmade carpet weaving

What equipment we need for. Handmade carpet weaving is very important.

Let’s start with the rug. The rug is usually woven on a frame called a rug and the size of the rug depends. On the size of the rug and is equally large and small.

Carpet holders are usually available in two types: horizontal and vertical.

Carpet weaving is usually done in vertical looms, but some areas, such as the Turkmen desert, are known as horizontal loom weights.

In the past it had handmade carpet weaving holders and was connected by a few beams in the corners. But now these bearings have replaced the metal holders and are connected by bolts.

All rug holders should have a 2 degree angle, otherwise the texture of the rug will go away and the carpet will not reach the destination as it is known and no one will buy it.

Vertical masts do not occupy much space and can be located in a corner of the room but, horizontal masts occupy a great deal of space.

Of course, people who work on horizontal hinges will have lower back and eye problems sooner than vertical carpets.

This is because the sit-ups and their texture are not standard. Usually people who see carpet texture as their own will find a room to work in to allow less commuting.

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