Installing the carpets of the staircase

Installing the carpets to Meet a piece of carpet pad for each beam. The carpet pad is something that is soft and strength of the installation. And also protects the foot and hit. Cut each piece as much as websites in the previous article. This will make the rugus that will end on both sides.

Place your plastic sheets or pad on the non-adhesive tapes and take them safely and tightly. Put each piece in your right place.Installing the carpets Leave each layer of layer and take care of it to roll the layers without the right layer. It’s better to work slowly and with bored. And to paste from the stack of the window or the Hilitian stack.

Installing the carpets

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Staplers for Installing the carpets

Do not fit any pieces correctly. Installing the carpets Do not forget the stairs wall. If your stairs is bump. Tighte the burden on the bumps together with the wind. It must be fixed in a place. Be careful that the prototype of the carpet and tapes is very useful, and if the loose connecti1on, the rust can not hold the carpet tight and principle.

And it is possible to be buried under the foot of someone walking and caused a person. Installing the carpets in UAE Carpet owned by professionals engaged in the flooring industry for a very long time. At any time, you are going to the uae carpet site and record your order at every hour.

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