Everything about the carpet in dubai

Everything about the carpets are a synthetic example of the same carpet that. Unlike handmade carpets, is woven by machine-made carpets in machine-made it factories. And differs greatly from handmade carpets.

The price of a carpet is lower than the price of a hand-made it for reasons. Such as the use of inexpensive synthetic fibers and the speed of textile production. Handmade carpet pointed. The history of machine-made carpet in Iran shows that this product is almost 40 years old. The first machine-made carpet in Iran in the early 50’s by velvet and silk factories in Kashan and by jacquard knitting machines with relatively short and light woven synthetic carpet fibers.

It was gradually being marketed to the its market. At the same time as the first it was produced in Iran, as well as some merchants started working and carpets with the same characteristics. And somewhat better than the Belgian carpets, entered the modern Iranian carpet market and acquainted themselves with the it.

Everything about the carpet and modern carpets

Everything about the carpet

There are many centers today in the production and supply of machine rugs that provide quality rugs to the market. In the past, carpets were not as good as new and modern carpets. And were woven from knitting machines such as AL1, ALD61, TEXTIMA and woolen fibers. And.

The new machine rugs are made from the best and as well as most sophisticated knitting machines. Such as CRX, CRT, ASR, VTR, Shonherr and the best machine textile fibers (100% acrylic heatsink). These types of carpets are durable and durable and long lasting and produced in high density and shoulders. The most important features of these carpets are their non-lint carpets. Which are also known as anti-allergenic carpets and are only used early in the purchase.

We have a passion for carpets. And we have put together a whole host of measures to help us achieve a unique combination of products. Services and benefits that all add up to putting you the customer at first place.

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