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Dubai Blind

Our variety of Blinds are one of our best sellers mainly because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Their translucent and non-translucent horizontal woven stripes give you so much control on how you want to filter light into your living space and this two-phase system allows the fabric to transmit light in the most stylish manner thereby softening the ambience of the area they are installed in.

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This trendy take on window dressings are a blend of privacy and soft glow. So, if you’re looking to make a style statement with these Blinds then book a Free appointment with our window specialists and let UAE carpet Blinds do the rest!

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Our venetian blinds are a perfect balance between classic simplicity and hands-on versatility. We’ve designed these blinds specifically to create a minimal and contemporary ambiance. These blinds are extremely simple to use and are an ideal solution for people who want to make a style statement without compromising the functional convenience.

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