carpet shops and stores in dubai and uae

Dubai carpet shop and store are alot . Apart from the large and sophisticated dubai carpet shops, its traditional markets are among the most visited tourist attractions.

These markets have gained a great reputation because of the vibrant atmosphere and variety of products.

Abu Dhabi Carpet shop

The Abu Dhabi carpet shop in Dubai is also one of the traditional markets of the UAE.places to find hand-woven carpets from all over the Middle East.

With about 2 shops selling valuable Iranian and Afghan carpets, this market is one of the largest carpet markets in the UAE nationwide.

Iranian handmade rugs can be bought at a reasonable price from this market.

In addition to carpets, the market also sells a variety of Arabic dressing gowns, Arabic fabrics and home furnishings.

Famous Emirati backpacks are among the essential items to buy from the Abu Dhabi carpet market.

Carpet Land Dubai Shopping Center

This shopping center is is one of the dubai carpet shops that is located in front of the Al-Nasr Cineman.

Carrefour Shopping Center Dubai

Dubai carpet shop and store are the best way for find carpet in these.Carrefour This shopping centre is located in al-Shandgiyah, where carpets and handmade carpets are bought.

Dubai carpet

Gimco Dubai Shopping Center

The other carpet shop in dubai is gimco.

Gemaco shopping center is located near Sheikh Zayed Street in Ace Harware,here the carpets and beautiful car shop are traded.

Iranian National Carpet in dubai

The national carpet shopping centre is in Dubai, where local handmade carpets and traditional car malls are traded.

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