Types of new and modern and luxury curtains in dubai

Day and night curtains:

In this type of modern and luxury curtains in dubai, there are two shidrol curtains, one for the front and the other for the back, which has a great effect on the darkness and brightness of the place.
The dorsal layer is usually simple and the layered front layer has both separate upper and lower systems.The lower part of these curtains is sketched.

This example of Sheath Roll curtains is most commonly used day and night in home environments and some office and restaurant areas.

Metal shutters modern and luxury curtain in dubai

This type of curtain is made of metal blades with a width of 16,25 and 50 mm horizontally.

This shutters is more beautiful than other shutters because of its slimmer blades.

In this type of blinds there are different designs and colors that you can use in combination.

This type of shutters is used in office, corporate, office space, some places like rooms and more.
They can be cleaned and scrubbed, and they need to be cleaned according to their elegance.

Modern bond curtains

This type of modern and luxury curtains in dubai is a new and attractive style of curtain, which shades and brightens the image by a middle band that simulates the function of the shutters.
These types of curtains are simple, layered and in a chic and stylish colors

This type of curtain is used in home, kitchen and luxury environments.

Modern and luxury zebra Curtain in dubai

Zebra curtains are modern in their kind and in terms of movement mechanism like roll sheets.it moves up and down one axis.

You can see it in most office, corporate and luxury locations, or even in TV studios.

These types of curtains come in simple, sketchy and chic colors.

This type of curtain is used in homes, offices, companies and luxury places.

Modern curtain in dubai

Modern Screen curtain

Sunscreen is a type of modern and luxury curtains in dubai that greatly prevents the passage of sunlight into the interior. The Sun Screen has unique features.

This extraordinary curtain contains seventy percent glass or PVC fibers, which makes it non-flammable and distinct from other curtains.

This curtain has recently flourished in Iran.

AIn terms of movement mechanism, like the curtain, the curtain is upward and is manually, semi-automatic and fully automatic upward and downward.

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