type of application artificial grass in dubai

Every type of application artificial grass in dubai is used to cover sports grounds such as tennis courts, soccer and golf courses, etc.

Application artificial grass in dubai was first produced in the United States in the 1960s.

Use in public lawn areas such as highway and city square, highway and playground for kids and pool edges and indoor office and residential buildings and greenery, terrace and yard, etc.

This lawn model is used to cover the playground in kindergartens, parks, schools, etc.

Some people tend to give their home a green space to spend their leisure time and if you are one of these people you can cover the balcony, greenhouse, patio, terrace and so on.

Use artificial grass.

Today, instead of using different flooring, artificial grass is used to cover the floors of sports clubs because these models are more durable and beautiful.

Many residential complexes use artificial ornamental grasses to create a green space because it is easier to maintain this model than natural grasses.

The Benefits of Using application artificial grass in dubai

Reduce water consumption and maintenance costs

No need for sunlight to grow grass

Permanent green space design

Application artificial grass in dubai is more durable than natural grass.

Uniform surface than artificial turf.

You can use artificial turf for a longer time than natural grass.

Solve the problem of muddy soil.

Disadvantages of using artificial grass

Artificial grass in dubai

Above-the-cost running costs compared to natural grass Artificial grass also raises ambient temperature as natural air temperature rises. Natural grasses can also be repaired if damaged.

The life span of artificial turf varies depending on the type of use and maintenance and care, and the useful life of the lawn on the sports grounds is estimated to be around 10 years and the life of the outdoor lawns and gardens is about 12 to 15 years.

Artificial grass is used indefinitely in indoor environments.

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