What is a print curtain and how to order a print curtain in dubai?

Print curtain and how to order If you are unfamiliar with the word print or punch print that are very popular these days, first start by explaining this type of decoration.

About print curtains ?

Until a few years ago, print curtain were used and received very little, but nowadays, due to the high quality of printing on curtains and the variety of ultra-attractive print curtains, people’s approach to this type of curtains for homes, curtains Office and corporate curtains, villas and hotel curtains have become enormous.

Like other textiles, curtains have different categories.

Like: jacquard curtains, embroidery curtains, plain curtains and hundreds of different types.

Most of these curtain fabrics, as you can see in the picture below, are woven into the fabric.

However, in the process of printing, the selected design is printed on plain fabric and the output is converted to printed fabric, as shown in the following illustration.

There is a great variety of fabrics that can be printed on. You must know the names of curtains, velvets, curtains, etc.

All of these fabrics can be print curtain and how to order .

The print curtain manufacturing process has many different types, including rotary printing, direct digital printing, transfer printing or digital sublimation.

Print curtain in dubai

The Benefits of print curtain and how to order

The main advantage of printed print curtain and how to order over other curtains is that you can choose the layout and color without any restrictions.

This is, of course, possible with digital printing. You can choose from modern print curtain designs, traditional curtain prints, simple and minimalistic print curtains, cartoon prints for baby room curtains or other types of designs in your home.

You may even want a custom design for your home or company.

For example, for your beloved baby’s bedroom curtain, you want to print and install an atelier image of yourself as a room curtain.

With digital printing on the print screen, you can have your beautiful baby picture print in the highest color quality.

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