Methods of testing silk in dubai

Methods of testing silk is important . if you are going to buy genuine silk carpet Knowledge of how to try carpet silk can help you with this.

The methods of testing carpet silk are very very easy and by learning it you can be sure of the genuine carpet silk purchased.

Some handmade carpets, including carpets from Turkey, India and Pakistan, use synthetic silk; also in recent years we have witnessed the use of artificial silk in Iran, but the specificity of the Iranian carpet is of the original silk character.

Methods of testing silk

Original carpet silk ingredients

If you are looking for ways to try carpet silk you should note that the materials that make up the original silk are very different from the synthetic silk.

Many who are familiar with the methods of testing carpet silk know that silk is originally made from natural materials.

The silk is made up of a fibrous protein that contains a large number of amino acids.

These include alanine, serine, valine, glycine, tyrosine and glutamic acid.

In fact, natural silk has a special chemical formula called C15H23O6N5 that can be easily detected using laboratory carpet silk test methods.

Knowledge and methods of testing silk

The ways to try methods of testing silk are actually to help you distinguish the original silk from the silk.

When shopping for a carpet and looking for a genuine silk carpet, the seller will probably say a word about the silk carpet, or you may already have some information.

The importance of this theme makes it even more important to know how to try carpet silk because you will pay a high price for a silk carpet and there are always beneficiaries who misuse customer trust and replace counterfeit goods. They give them the principle.

One of the most important ways to try carpet silk can be to burn, touch and fix.

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