wash and care carpets and How to maintain these in dubai

Wash and care carpets its important, like any other device, needs proper maintenance and care to extend its life.
It is even possible to wash your carpets, especially in cold or humid areas, with a valid carpet and avoid rubbing them in the house, as moisture in the carpet may not be completely at home, leaving the carpet moist and staining or decaying.

While authentic and equipped carpeting using the centrifuge system will completely dehydrate the carpet.

Warehouses and homes that are moisturizing are not for carpet storage or sale.

It is well known that moisture causes mold, fungus growth and eventually carpet decay.

In cities and regions where the air is naturally humid, it is advisable to replace the carpets after 3 to 6 years to find a suitable solution before the carpet is rotted or ruptured.

Low-alkaline soap and carpet shampoo are good detergents for carpets.

If you do not have carpet shampoo, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in one liter of water. Beat it well to foam.

Apply the floor with a mesh ball that does not absorb much water and dry with a towel.

Wash and care carpets

How to store rugs in storage

Made from wash and care carpets solid materials to minimize damage to natural elements.

Spraying occasionally around the storehouse until termites, willows and insects cannot find their way into it.

There must be a sufficient amount of light to transmit the light inside, as well as a ventilator and ventilator.

Wash and care carpets from special stains

Acid Stains:, These stains, which may occur even after pouring some vinegar, need your quick reaction. Immediately pour a small amount of fresh boiling water and then a small amount of dilute ammonia and water. After a few minutes, rinse the carpet and vacuum it.

Blood Stain: Soak it as much as you can with a cloth then mix a teaspoon of detergent with a teaspoon of white vinegar and pour some lukewarm water to obtain a diluted liquid then apply it to the stain. Dry and gently sweep.

Butter: Take as much of the butter as you can with your hand and then apply a small amount of detergent and let it dry.

Candle Liquid: Immediately place some ice on the candle stain because it will freeze the candle and will be easily removed from the carpet.

Gum: Quickly cool the candle with liquid method to remove it easily.

Chocolate and coffee: Take it off the carpet immediately and clean it thoroughly with blood stains, using detergents, water and white vinegar.

Watercolor: Immediately apply drying ink on it and warm it with iron to remove stain. Then use detergent and wash it a few minutes later.

Fruit: Fruit stains are sometimes very difficult to erase.

As soon as the fruit has fallen, remove it and scrape it off with the nail, then clean with a mixture of lukewarm water and a little white vinegar and a thin wash, and then draw water.

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