Benefits of Artificial grass for Football Grass

Benefits of Artificial grass , It is a fact that football’s artificial turf can be leveled, with a steep slope, implemented by FIFA managers for areas over 2 meters high, offering its own solutions, such as the unbound subway system.

It is of the utmost economic importance that artificial turf can live for up to ten years, which means a great savings for soccer enthusiasts; of course, we need to know the principles of artificial turf maintenance. And observe.


Interestingly, today there are more than 4 artificial turf fields in the city of Tehran, serving four large and small sports teams.

With this in mind, adhering to the principles of artificial turf maintenance can save money and time in these collections.

The implementation of benefits of Artificial grass , with drainage technology and unbound cushioning system when draining, is ten times faster than the natural model.

This means that the water in their tissues is completely eliminated and does not cause any problems.

Studies have shown that football’s artificial turfs are safe, which is more evident when players run and fall.

Exactly what caused you to run a playground with artificial turf?

Befenits of artificial grass

The Pride and benefits of Artificial Grass in the Bench of Scientific Studies

Benefits of Artificial grass means boundless excitement. Running to reach the goal that is not far away – the goal that is to be achieved in 2 minutes.

The goal that is part of it, to the football field. It can be said that the task of this cover is to help with this excitement and to bring the goal closer to us. Here, we draw your attention to an important question.

A five-year independent study, with its statistical publishing resources, at sites like and

It shows that interesting things have happened with the use of benefits of artificial grass.

So, 1% less muscle breakdown

And 1% Athletes balance on ankle

Furthermore 1% more protection from ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

Also 1% reduction in joint injuries

1% reduction in general injuries

And 1% reduction in brain damage

1% less damage to shoe surface when in contact

To be honest
Since Giannari and Shahid Stadium were first introduced as the first artificial turf fields in the country to date, which is five years from now, there are still some deficiencies in artificial turf systems.

But what’s important is that the advantages of this artificial turf over its limitations are quite striking.

Know now that we and all of our partners, with the help of the world’s leading technologies, are trying to offer you the best solutions.

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