Wallpaper Knowledge and use in Dubai

Wallpaper knowledge is one of the best options for making the most changes to your home and workplace interior decoration that its so important.

It is also one of the most used products in interior decoration.

As you know, most of the surface seen throughout the day is the walls, so the beauty of the walls is very important in interior decoration.

Wallpaper knowledge , due to its high diversity and adaptability to a variety of tastes and prices, attracts a wide range of segments of society and is tailored to suit every taste and budget.

Wallpaper designs are produced and marketed in a variety of interior decoration styles including classic style, modern style, sport wallpaper, 3D wallpaper and floral print wallpapers and more.

And is one of the best-selling interior and home decoration products.

The best wall paper brand can usually vary depending on the budget you choose. But there are different brands on the market that give the buyer a wide choice.

Wallpaper Types and Wallpaper Knowledge

Wallpaper Knowledge available in the market is divided into two groups: Iranian and foreign.

Iranian wallpapers are usually non-washable. But the outer wallpapers are washable and durable.

In terms of design, wall paper segmentation includes highlights, plain wallpapers, and patterned wallpapers and posters.

Washable Wallpaper Knowledge ، its name implies, washable wall paper has a variety of degrees of washability.

Wallpaper knowledge

For most people, this feature is important because they can be used for longer periods of time by cleaning the wallpaper.

Washable wall paper has a vinyl coating that is water resistant.

Washable wallpaper is divided into several groups of low, medium and high washable wallpapers based on the amount of water resistance.

It should be noted that this type of wallpaper is not environmentally friendly and in some countries has limited production.

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