Types of fabric curtains for sewing curtains

Types of fabric curtains are highly versatile and responsive to any taste.

From black and light curtains to heavy and patterned curtains. All are available to the public, and everyone can choose the right curtain for their home decor depending on their taste and budget.

What most people are looking for today is a variety of Turkish curtains. Below we introduce the latest curtain fabrics.

Dandel fabric : Today, Dantel fabrics are one of the most popular types of fabric curtains.

These specially designed fabrics have attracted a large audience. As well as dandel curtains are very beautiful and are a good choice for living room curtains.

silk textiles : Hariri is a fabric used for sewing light curtains. Silk fabrics have a special elegance and can be used to sew different types of curtains for different rooms in the home.

Garlic curtains are suitable for places where more light is needed. These fabrics are not very resistant to sunlight. Because of their delicacy, so it is advisable to use linen along with curtains. This fabric is used for sewing simple curtains.

The use of double-colored curtains can also create a beautiful appearance.

Types of fabrics curtains for using curtains

Flax and satin fabrics : Flax and satin Types of fabric curtains are warmly designed while being simple.

Types of fabric curtains

These types of fabrics are thick fabrics and do not pass through the sun easily. For this reason, as well as linen and satin curtains do not require a liner.

Silk and velvet fabrics : Silk and velvet fabrics are suitable for formal rooms. Such as the reception room.

These fabric curtains are well maintained. As well as make the formal atmosphere of the room more pleasant.

Different types of fabric curtains. As well as these days there are various curtains. As well as sewing that can be used according to the style used. In the interior design of the home and the taste of the audience.

The types of decorative curtain models are as follows:

Lining : It is a cheap washable linen made of flax or a little bit of plastic used in its production. The curtain is mounted underneath the main curtains and is actually a shield to prevent direct sunlight from coming into the main curtain.

To preserve the appearance of lace or silk curtains. The liner is generally selected in a cream or white color. The liner hangs separately under the curtain.

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