Export of carpets from Iran to Dubai

Export of carpets ، In the field of carpet export and production, there are concerns that Chinese and Indian carpets are being cheated in the production of raw materials under the Iranian name. And in recent years due to rising raw material prices, the production of handmade Iranian carpets has gone up. And there are ups and downs.

Handmade carpet is an Iranian carpet ID and in the years of sanctions we have experienced a decline in its exports, despite the efforts of some countries such as China and India, Iran is still unique in the world of handmade carpets.

There are two types of export of carpets in the carpet industry, one handmade and the other handmade. There are more than a thousand carpet companies operating in Kashan. And account for more than 5% of the country’s carpet production.

The differences between the carpet. The handmade carpet are used in 2 colors in the carpet but in the handmade carpets. From 2 to 2 colors and also in the carpet. It is sewn, but in the hand-made rug it is rooted from the rug.

Export of carpets

Export of carpets commodity marketing

Carpet exports declined for many domestic. And as well as foreign reasons as well as rising carpet prices. Economic downturns in foreign markets. Political factors as well as saturation of some traditional markets. But in the period of declining exports Iranian export of carpets. Remained at the top of the global handmade carpet market.

As the political situation improves. As well as we are facing increased exports.

Machine-made carpets are affordable and widely used. But handmade carpets are artistic and expensive.

In recent years, Iranian carpets have gained prominence in various countries. And has exhibited in European museums. But in order to boost the Iranian carpet economy. It is advisable to export and introduce new designs. Carpet in Iran is more than competitors. But durability of Iranian carpet is greater.

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