What is Artificial Grass and What is it for?

What is Artificial Grass?it is a type of flooring that is more durable and durable than natural grass.

Because of its color similarity to natural grass , it has been called artificial grass.

This grass is denser, more resistant to natural grass. As well as has also solved the problem of grass seed growth in non-fertile soils.

In European countries where cold causes grass to grow and in near equatorial countries. Where excessive heat causes ordinary grass to disappear. As well as Using artificial turf is a great option. These types of flooring are mainly used in sports stadiums.

Here we intend to introduce you to artificial turf more than ever before. As well as Lawnmower is one of the artificial lawn sales centers in Tehran. As well as allows lovers of this product to get acquainted with the types of it and its applications.

For this reason, there are a variety of it with prices. And practical information displayed on the Artificial Grass online store.

The story starts here when several people call the grass daily about the implementation and installation of it. Many lovers of it visit us on the grassland website.

What is artificial grass and made from?

Polymers such as polyethylene in different grades. And polypropylene or a mixture of them are used to make what is artificial grass.

Identification of a good polymer for an it is of particular importance.

Since there are oxidized materials in commercial polymers. That cause degradation of polymers when consumed, they are usually formulated to form polymers from stabilizers. Such as antioxidants, as well as optical and thermal stabilizers to the conditions. As well as the environment is used according to the conditions of consumption of the product.

What is artificial grass

Artificial grass is generally used in both the field of sports it. And decorative artificial grass. I’m sure you confirm so far we have fully understood what it is. As well as Now we want to use it.

Application of it ، Around the pools ، Between the courtyard stones. In the kindergarten and kids playground ، On the terrace of the house ، In the backyard ، On football pitches. On the tennis courts. In the futsal grounds In urban spaces. In the parks ، as well as For residential and commercial towers.

Football, Tennis, Hockey, Golf, Mini Golf and Paintball Clubs. It for Factory Outlets In the field and in the multipurpose fields ، On the balconies and on the roofs.

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