Export of curtains in dubai

Export of curtains in model opens and closes in a shuttle. It is suitable for use in a space where the design is simple and with more than one hand of furniture.

Roman curtains are made of plain or textured fabrics. As well as but can also be designed with striped or quilted fabrics according to customer’s tastes.

The mechanism of movement and arrangement of practical. As well as roman curtain is similar to that of the roll sheath and is considered a modern export of curtains .

Use of curtains for rooms whose ceilings are short, because they make the room look taller. This type of curtain is a good choice for lightweight windows.

Keep in mind that if your underwear is simple, use a patterned waistcoat. And if you plan on using a patterned undercoat, the shoulder strap should be simple and non-patterned.

Export of curtains and valan curtain

If you are applying the modern style to your home decoration design. And you want a export of curtains model for practical Roman curtain. As well as it is best to use a simple curtain in one corner of the curtain.

From black and light curtains to heavy and patterned curtains. All are available to the public, and everyone can choose the right curtain for their home decor depending on their taste and budget.

Different types of fabric curtains. These days there are various curtains sewing that can be used according to the style used in the interior design of the home. As well as and the taste of the audience. Request your sample in a few hours in your place without charge

We are give a grantee for installation.

We will show you different brand and best quality for your place and fitting with your budgets.

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