The oldest carpet in dubai

The oldest carpet in the world and About the “widespread” history of Iran, according to Soviet scientist Rudenko. And the discoverer of the “Pazirik” rugs, centuries BC, beautiful carpets were woven in Babylon, Assyria, Pars, and Med.

The earliest examples of carpet weaving are found by prominent scholars. In the prominent role of the “Nineveh Palace” (the capital of Assyria. As well as the ancient land in the middle of the Tigris River). Whose flower and rim look like imitations of Babylonian embroidery.

The history of these roles is known as the 7th century BC. The best example of the oldest carpet this role belongs to the Khours Abad at the Louvre Museum.

In the middle of this image is a four-leaf flower and plant design.

The oldest carpet

In this context, there are two pottery sculptures, one of which was discovered in Susa by Dr. Roman Girsman, dating back to the eighth century BCE, and another site in Maku, whose history dates back to Maku. It belongs to the second millennium BC.

The oldest carpet example

The oldest carpet example is the carpets found in Pasirik in year 4. As well as Pazirik is a valley in the hills of the northern regions of the Altai Mountains, south of central Siberia. And at a distance of 2 kilometers from the outer Inner Mongolia, at an elevation of approximately 2 meters above sea level.

Visiting the Pazirik by Rodenko, five large tombs, as well as not small tombs, were discovered, resembling stone hills. And on the edge of it are pictures of the lotusIs. As well as is the case today in some Kurdish rugs.

The excavation of these tombs, called “Kurgan” in Russia. As well as began in the early 14th century AH and continued for the oldest carpet. As well as several years over a period of twenty years.

Due to the frost inside the tombs, the ice was broken. And extracted with the help of warm water to gain access to the tombs. And the inhabitants of these areas were found to be Scythians.

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