Application of Persian carpet in decoration

Application of Persian carpet The word carpet is actually an Arabic word meaning earth. And in Persian it mostly means flooring and flooring so carpet, rug, carpet, jajim,as well as zilo, plus, etc. So, are all considered carpets. But something in between What we call the Iranian carpet is actually a carpet.
Most people may not know the difference between a carpet and a rug. But as we’ve said, rugs are a common term for all types of carpets, while the rug is a subset of carpets, referring to the luxurious rugs that we know as handmade rugs and machine rugs.

Carpets are usually divided into several categories based on gender, size and design .

Another popular design of Iranian carpets is the adobe design, which is very popular in other countries as well.

Sort by dimension and Application of Persian carpet

The Application of Persian carpet are divided into four categories: small, as well as medium, large and very large. And vary in size from 1m to 2m to 2m and even more.

rug This type of rug usually has an area of ​​less than 3 meters (woven in dimensions of 4.4 by 4.3 meters and 4.3 by 4.3 meters) and is referred to as a curtain. Rugs 5 meters by 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters are also called a rug or two-sided.

Application of Persian carpet

Other types of rugs include quill and half, quartz, dorsal (woven to an area of ​​1 meter and 2 cm in diameter, and woven to the backs), and antlers only in dimensions. They are different.

This type of rug, as its name implies, is used to cover the sides of the environment. As well as that are not completely covered with rugs. Of course, because of its dimensions that are woven with half-meters or 2-meters and 2-cm and 2 to 2 meters in length. So, it is also used for corridors and stairs. Call us for guiding : 0559993340

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