Influence of artificial grass on football

Influence of artificial grass ، since the 1970s, artificial turf has been introduced to the world of football and has caused widespread controversy in the international sports world. So far, natural grass and artificial grass are still a big issue in the sports world. Until the mid-1980s, FIFA and the National Sports Council jointly issued a single standard for assessing the quality of sports lawn sports. And which made the argument between two practical and objective criteria.

Since natural grass-fed soccer fibers have limited tensile strength. As well as the soccer ball’s elasticity on the natural grass is generally small, and the height of the ball or loser ball after landing is not very good for the athlete to control.

And controls the ball. However, the artificial turf of the artificial soccer field is mainly made of plastic fiber which determines that it has good flexibility.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Influence of artificial grass

The power of soccer at high altitude or half air is excellent. This means that if the high altitude ball or the losing ball is too strong in the game. It is not appropriate for the athlete to catch the ball. So stop the ball and control the ball. Athletes need to adjust their position from stopping the ball. And judging the height and direction of the football, which impact on the athletes’ inherent skills and tactics.

Influence of artificial grass

Artificial grass is a grass-like product that is quite similar to natural grass and has many benefits. This grass is denser, more robust and requires much less maintenance. And has also solved the problem of grass seed growth in non-fertile soils.

Artificial grass is used in areas where there is no capacity to grow natural grasses. Where maintenance is desirable, impossible or difficult. These types of flooring are mainly used in sports stadiums or for outdoor use.

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