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UaeCarpet Sells high quality carpt, blid, curtains and other home and office products in Dubai with guarantee and tecniqual installation team. you can buy carpet in dubai easily and make free appointment to consult.

Our products

Dubai Carpet , blinds, curtains, wall to wall carpet, flooring, wallpaper, artificial grass. And tile carpets. we provide all products for your home and office.


UAE Carpet owned by professionals engaged in the flooring industry for a very long time. We deliver to you the best quality of carpets across UAE.

For years now, UAE carpet has become a strong name in the world of carpet market across UAE.


We love neutrals. this collection in uae carpet brings together the finest textures. And the most wonderful tones to help you create a cozy little snug to curl up and relax in.


The extensive range of environmentally friendly decorative wallpapers in UAE CARPET. So, also supply Fire Retardant, Mold Resistant, and Waterproof, Acoustic. And Contract wallpapers as per the specific requirements of the projects.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass in uae carpet is usually made from a monofilament pile. And here at Lion Lawns, we offer a range of different heights. So you can choose one that is suitable for you!


Our variety of Blinds are one of our best sellers mainly. Because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Carpet installation and guarantee

Our professional team install carpet and products for your home or office with guarantee and have 20 years experience.

Free appointment to buy carpet in dubai

Schedule free consult. our team visit your local home depot to answered your questions. brings samples for you for free and if you choosed any. They start measuring your home or office.

Guarantee and ease of purchase

Our products comes with guarantee and you can buy with ease.

  • Involvement of UaeCarpet to ensure your policy is adhered to throughout the process and to determine the Guarantee Value.
  • Professional service provider to look after the sale of the property which is not the core business of the Corporation.
  • Recommendations to sell the products in the least amount of time for a fair and equitable price.
  • Property management and expense management throughout the process.

Where to buy carpet in dubai

Simply buy carpet in Dubai at UaeCarpet Office locted at Sheikh Zayed road. As well as Crown Plaza, Latifah tower, office number b2007 or you can Call us 091559993340 .

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