Steps to Install Wallpaper to dubai

Steps to Install Wallpaper examine the wall first. And if it needs cushioning, primer, putty or sandpaper, make the surface perfectly smooth. Finally, the surface should be completely smooth. Measure the width of the first part and measure it 1cm smaller than the laser on the wall. In the calculations, the entire wall paper dimension is slightly larger than the entire wall dimension.

According to the submitted map, arrange the parts in order. So that they can be glued and mounted on the back, respectively. After mounting each piece of wallpaper. It must be cut right out of the overlap by manual alignment or skillfully cut with a metal ruler right in the middle of it. You should lift the edge of the wall paper. And remove the bottom layer and align the remaining parts with one hand.

Steps to Install Wallpaper

Steps to Install Wallpaper in uae carpet in dubai

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