How to Install Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

How to Install Wall-to-Wall in Clean and prep the floor. Cut lengths of tackless strip to fit each wall around the perimeter of the room. Secure them with the pre-driven nails into the subfloor, keeping the strip out from the wall about 2/3 the thickness of the carpet. Make sure the tackless strips join together at the corners and the pointed pins in each strip are facing the wall.

Measure the room to cut the padding. how to Install Wall-to-Wall Be sure to measure from the longest points of the room, but measure from inside the tackless strip edge. Cut the padding to fit using a straightedge and utility knife. Lay out the padding waffle side facing up, and staple it along its edge every 6″.

The padding should not overlap; it should be butted up against each other to form a clean seam. Use a utility knife to trim the excess padding that might be covering the tackless strips, and cover each butted seam with duct tape.

Install the Carpet Padding and how to Install Wall-to-Wall

Measure between walls along the largest parts of the room. Transfer the measurements to the carpet, adding 4-6″ in all directions. Cut the carpet on the back edge with a carpet knife and a straightedge. A chalk line can be helpful for transferring longer measurements.

Position the cut carpet in the room, fitting the factory cut edge against the first wall. Followed by the other sides. Use a carpet knife to cut around any odd corners of protruding walls and how to Install Wall-to-Wall .

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