clean blinds

cleaning the blinds isn’t the most accessible work and household item to clean in the house. Sometimes, you haven’t cleaned them for a few years, o the best way is to take the blinds down and wash them properly to keep them looking new.
In this article, we’re talking about the ways to clean the blinds.
We recommend 4 tools to wash blinds.

in this article we’re talking about the ways to clean the blinds.

we recommend 4 tols in order to cean and wash blinds.

  • Using feather duster
  • using gloves or old an old sock
  • using damp sponge
  • using vacum cleaner

feather duster

feather duster usually is used when blinds have a thin layer of dust.

opening the blinds and running feather duster between each blind and on both sides is sufficient to look them cleaned.

gloves or old an old sock

this method is used for cleaning of hard-to-reach corners. put a sock or glove on your hand, spray window cleaner and simply clean each blind between your fingers.

damp sponge

close the blinds; dampen a sponge with warm water. soapy water is safe to use on some blinds.

vacuum cleaner

this way is sufficient to clean the blinds. start with closed blinds and start cleaning the dust using your vacuum cleaner.

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