tips to know about installing carpet

installing carpet

If you decided to install carpet yourself, so you should know skills about installing carpet. Uae Carpet recommends you to find the professional installation team to make sure your new carpet is expertly installed.

purchasing carpet at store

After choosing ad purchasing your new carpet, ask your flooring retailer if they have professional installation team. if not, ask for independent installer. also ask flooring retailer for extra fees like removal and disposal of old flooring and moving larger furniture pieces.

prepare for installation

unplug electronic items.

Move out all your furniture- desks, chairs, couches, dining table.

You will also have to move all your electronic appliances like refrigerator, TV, dishwasher, washing machine.

If there is some furniture that need not be moved, make sure you cover it with a cloth so that dust doesn’t settle on it.

If you’re carpeting just one room then the furniture only needs to be moved to the next room. But if you’re carpeting your entire home, then either you move out everything to a safe storage place or garage or you could also keep moving furniture from room to room.

There are various options to choose from. You can choose either square (4-foot by 4-foot) or rectangular (8-foot by 10-foot). If you are considering an office space, it is recommended that you opt for a 4-foot by 4-foot rug. You can still find a nice modern rug at any of our stores and save a lot of money. If you want a larger space, you may want to opt for a larger size.

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