Principles and tips for washing carpet

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Wash carpet dubai : Although the best way to clean the carpet is to wash it but it does not always have to do that for stains and minor contaminants in the following. we will provide all the principles of carpet washing and other methods of cleaning them.

Cleaning the carpet without washing

The first point in the basics and tips of carpet washing and cleaning of carpet stains is the speed of operation . you must start cleaning the stains on the carpet at the very first moment because you both come up early and get better results . the second is a detergent test before using it to ensure that it does not damage the carpet . the third is to avoid rubbing stains to prevent contamination from spreading to other places .

Clean the stain from the carpet without washing

To remove the stain of blood from the carpet immediately a clean cloth should be placed on it to absorb the blood . then add a teaspoon of white vinegar to a dishwashing liquid and water and lukewarm water to make household detergent and apply this detergent to a sponge and being to cleans the stain gently .

Clear the stain on the carpet without washing

To remove this  type of stains immediately place a piece of ice on it to make the candle tight and then remove it with a knuckle on the carpet .

Clean the stain of tea from the carpet without washing

put a few cloths on the carpet immediately after pouring the tea on the carpet because it quickly absorbs tea . continue to make a blend of backing soda and vinegar ; mix a paste and remove it after 10 minutes ; this will quickly remove the stain.

Wash Carpet Dubai

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