Wash carpet at home in Dubai

Wash carpet in dubai

How to wash a carpet of silk at home

Because silk carpets have a certain degree of delicacy and sensitivity. they must be kept carefully to make them less dirty if you need to rinse them.The best way to do this is to bring a good carpet cleaning.

But if you decide to wash your carpet yourself. Never use hot water or alkaline detergents when washing and mostly do this with vinegar and cold water. To clean these carpets, use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust from the peas carefully. They spray the mixture of water and vinegar on the carpet, rinse it with water.


How to wash handmade carpets  at home

Since the UAE specially Dubai  is one of the most important buyers of Iranian carpets among Islamic countries and specially the most expensive and most exquisite Iranian carpets for the use of expensive raw materials are exported to this country ; as a result it is important to wash handmade carpets , washing handmade carpets  hard like silk carpets . and requires high precision because chemical detergents damage woolen fibers and you have to be careful about choosing a detergent and used neutral detergents such as dishwashing liquid and soop powder or water – soluble powdered water and rinsed with cold water also ; since most of these types of carpets are color – coded. Therefore you should not wet the carpets so that they can make the colored parts of the carpet .

So rinse the carpet with the detergents listed above and a sponge then carefully roll out the water as it renders it . and finally put it in a place away from direct sunlight .

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