Select fabric for curtain

Choosing a fabric is one of the key considerations in choosing a curtain .

The fabric you choose determines how long you can use it and how you look at it at home. Before you go buy a cloth, go to different stores and collect samples from each one.

Silk fabric

Harir is one of the most beautiful and softest fabrics used in the curtain , Its elegance makes it easy to use in different rooms in the home .

Silk fabric is a good choice because of the low density for spaces that need more lighting and For this reason, they are used in the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen .

Silk fabric and Duntell

If you are looking for modern ladies and those who are looking for a modern décor for a suitable cloth, be sure their best offer is Harir and Duntell.

Special design in a variety of textures and shapes has made the screen of the combination of Harir and Duntell have a stunning look and as the primary choice for the living room .

Linen and satin fabric

Two of the fabrics that have a simple yet warm design are flax and satin that are used in ordinary interior decoration.

These fabrics have a high density and therefore do not let the sun shine .

The use of linen and satin makes the curtain no need for linen and can be used in the child’s bedroom.

Silk and velvet

If you consider a destination for guests in the design of your home interior decoration and is considered an official room ، It is better to use silk and velvet curtains in this room .

These fabrics have a relatively higher weight than the other curtains, and they are better off, so in formal rooms, they create a good effect that makes the room more pleasant.

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