The largest Iranian carpet in Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The largest carpet in the world that embellishes a mosque in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates is visited daily by 2000 tourists.

The world’s largest carpet, which has reached 1200 Persian carpet weavers, and the result of a two-shift work shift in 18 months, was transferred to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi two years ago.

The large carpet, measuring 5634 square meters, is 133 meters long and 48 meters wide and weighs 48 tons .

The assumption that weaving in Neyshabur is composed of two billion and 100 million nodes, 72% of which is made from wool and 28% is cotton .

The name of this carpet is recorded as the world’s largest carpet in the Guinness Book of Records .

How to fix the carpet of the first part of the fabric

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi is a UAE with an approximate area of ​​6,000 square meters .

6000 meters rugs in 9 separate pieces .

Five thousand meters carpet in 48 separate pieces.

And also the 2500-meter carpet is woven in three separate pieces .

Fabric carpets are usually woven in large workshops and niches, equipped with special equipment, in the size of 500 thousand to 1200 square meters.

For the texture of these carpets, thousands of weavers worked simultaneously in day and night working shifts, and the texture of each of them was completed after one year.

Second stage after texture (Part One Operations) :

۱_ Handle and polish carpet surfaces

۲_ Burning dead fibers and wool on the back of the carpet

۳_ Place the nails on the bottom during the weaving

۴_ Picking up additional dirt from the carpet

۵_ If necessary, adjust the dimensions of the carpet to connect

Supplemental Operation, secend Part

Secondary operations The second part is located in the place of installation of carpet which includes:

۱_ Roofing connecting pieces to each other

۲_ Lane, sideways

۳_ Two knots, top and bottom captain

۴_ Payment and re-connection of parts connection

۵_ Wiping, washing the surface of lint and drying simultaneously with advanced equipment and equipment

To adjust and fit together, first all the edges of the first and second segments must be aligned with each other.

After that, with seamless sewing and with a clear distance, we make the final connection rigid to the ridge with ease.

If, due to mistakes made by weavers in the part of the carpet at the point of attachment, the shape of the flower or the ivy does not match, before the connection of two pieces in that part of the work should be corrected, then do the connection work.

All the steps of connecting two or more pieces together from the back of the carpet and in the bracket, with the exception of the edges of the columns, which are not possible in the large carpets of the fabric due to the heavyness and the impossibility of removing the connection from the back of the carpet And it is necessary to connect the above parts on the carpet by the brain method.

The span of all the lateral parts along the back of the carpet and around the columns is due to the non-moving of the carpet.

After connecting all the parts together and completing the second and final step, you will see a single and seamless carpet.

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