Use of handmade carpets in Dubai and UAE

Persian handmade carpets in many Arab countries, especially Dubai and UAE, have many customers.

Persian carpets are imported into and exported to other countries.

In Saudi Arabia, there are more fan-colored bright colors and red spectrum.

Learn more about handmade carpets and its features

Iran is one of the sample countries in the field of textile products, which has had a large share in the production of handmade carpets and other kinds of woven yarn and wool products from the past.

Considering that each nation has a symbolic commodity, it can be said that the handmade carpet is one of the most important and export goods of Iran. It is also known among the various nations as the most famous producer of carpets, especially handmade carpets.

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What is a handmade carpet?

One of the most important equipment and commodities that has been of special importance in human life since the past has been carpets and textile products.

Because the use of these devices is very helpful in creating a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Among these, one of the most unique and most popular types of carpets in the world is handmade carpets that are considered as an ancient Iranian product.

Be careful that the word carpet is an Arabic word meaning wide and refers to things like carpets.

As a result, it can be said that the meaning of the handwriting carpet is the underlayment, which is woven by hand from the net and wool.

This, of course, makes it look great and has many fans around the world.

Hand made historical textiles

Among the important carpets in the history of Iran can be mentioned carpets and carpets below.

Pazirik Rugs

This carpet is 2500 years old and is woven in sizes 210 to 183 cm and with about 3600 knots.

Baharestan carpet

Known as the Khosrow Spring Carpet, which is a great carpet during Khosrow Parviz.

Handmade carpet called Safavid era

Another of the most beautiful Iranian handmade carpets is the artist’s creativity during the Safavid rule ، During this period carpet weaving has left about 1500 carpets and carpets .

Tropical Carpet Scenery of Animals

Another Persian carpet with a red background and beautiful designs is made of silk that has become popular.

Chelsea Rug

Another beautiful rug of the Chelsea Rug World is kept in the collection of Victorian and Albert London Museum carpets.

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