Artificial grass and its applications in home decor and sports venues in Dubai

The artificial grass has a rugged appearance and its green color is similar to the natural grass .

Artificial grass is also available with a variety of short and long types of grass, and you can use these types of grass for sports and residential areas.

You can refer to uae carpet for details on examples of decorative and sports lawn designs.

The numerous grass-fueled benefits of today have been dramatically improving, and many companies are engaged in the production of artificial sports and decorative grass.

The uae carpet is a pioneer in the field of artificial grass, using the machines holding and installing fully mechanized and European day technology and providing after-sales services.

Artificial grass decorative

Artificial grass is interwoven and soft tissue, and this type of grass creates a natural appearance.

Also, this type of grass in all seasons of the year brings joy and refreshment.

Advantages of Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

  • Artificial grass is compatible with rain water, and after installing grass, they do not require constant maintenance.
  • Looks like natural grass.
  • No need to use chemicals and pesticides .
  • Washing function.
  • They do not pollute during rainy days.
  • Helps repel current waters.

Sports Artificial Grass

You can use various products to cover football, golf, mini golf and tennis courts.

The use of artificial turf football and other sports can reduce the cost of maintenance and higher quality of grass.

In addition, athletes will enjoy the game on the artificial turf.

You can get help from this reputable company for advice and ordering a variety of sporting and decorative grass for sports and residential areas. For more information, visit the uae carpet website.

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