Fabrics for curtains in uae carpet in Dubai

Fabrics for curtains is one of the key considerations in choosing a curtain.

The fabric choose determines how long you can use it and give it a look at your home.

If you select a heavy cloth, it can be pushed to different parts while stretching and standing in an inappropriate way.

This is despite the fact that light fabric may be easier for homeowners and retain their original shape.

The fabrics of silk and velvet linen are good choices for the curtains and they look great when cleaning and collecting them.

Before you take the cloth, go to different stores and collect samples from each one.

Compare the samples at a glance with the color of your home decoration as well as your level of expectations and try to select a cloth for the curtain that has the most coordination with the interior view of the building.

You can even film your windows using smartphones and consult famous and famous tailors.

All sorts of fabric used in curtains and the place suitable for them

The curtains can be divided into the following categories:

Silk fabric

Harir is one of the most beautiful and most delicate pots used in curtains that its particular elegance makes it used in different rooms of the home.

Silk fabric is a good choice because of low density for spaces that require more lighting, and so they are used in the living room of the bedroom and even the kitchen.

Note that silk fabric is not very resistant to direct sunlight. If you want to use this curtain in a lightning room, it is better to use other fabrics as a linen for it.

Garlic and Duntell

If you ask the modern ladies and those who are looking for a modern decoration, ask about the appropriate project, sure that their best offer is Harir and Duntell.

Special design in a variety of textures and shapes has made the curtains of Harir and Dental look stylish and are considered as the first choice for the living room.

Flax and satin

Two of the fabrics that have a simple yet warm design are flax and satin that are used in ordinary interior decoration.

These fabrics have a high density and therefore do not shed light, the use of flax and satin makes the curtain no need for linen and be used in the bedroom and bedroom of the child.

Silk and velvet

If you consider a part in the interior decoration of your home to cater to guests, and as an official room.

it is better to use silk and velvet curtains in this room.

These fabrics have a relatively higher weight than other fabrics and they are in a better position.

So, in front of the official rooms, they create an atmosphere that makes the room more comfortable.

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