Artificial turf for recreation centers in Dubai

When it comes to recreation centers, we mean different applications to different needs.

So, at first, the recreational facilities where artificial grass are used extensively are listed in a list And we’ll continue to focus on the important features of the artificial turf for recreational facilities.

Artificial turf in the town hall

The most important feature in the amusement park spaces is high traffic.

In some cases, however, officials of the archery use artificial turf as a buffer in some open spaces.

Under such conditions, artificial grass with a fiber height of 20 mm and a high density using a geotextile swivel layer should be used.

So that the product can handle the blasting responsibility as appropriate.

We also note that synthetic grass with fibrichritic fibers is more susceptible to synthetic monofilament grass.

Artificial turf in the parks

In terms of features, the recreational centers are quite similar to the town hall.

Artificial turf in the restaurants

The most important features for the artificial turf are the restaurant’s resiliency and washability.

For this reason, a relatively high density artificial turf, high-quality fiber and a single texture structure are recommended for this use.

Also, your choice of artificial turf should be of monofilament type to provide the features you want.

Artificial turf in traditional gardens

One of the most common questions about artificial grassland grassland audiences is the issue of artificial grass firing against coal fires.

In response, it should be said that if coal is placed on an artificial grass, it will melt the grass, but it will not be ignited.

And, in this respect, he takes a moderate score.
Therefore, you should be careful about traditional gardening projects.

Artificial turf in the cafe (outdoor)

This recreational user has the same features as the restaurant user.
For this reason, the characteristics of resistance to high traffic and washing ability are in the top priority.

Uae carpet group and our office in Dubai offer ideal suggestions with full features for using artificial turf for entertainment centers to dear audiences.

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