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If you have ever been into one of the carpet markets, you should be thrilled to see a world of roles and colors and beauty.

Seeing all that art and beauty in a group 2 in 3 or 3 in 4, or in any other shape and dimension may encourage anyone to buy a bed of beautiful carpets.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that Persian carpets are one of the most popular carpets in the world and they have a lot of reputation and popularity.

Iranian carpet background

Carpet experts believe that carpets and carpets weave and the texture of all types of carpets are the source of the origin of Asia.

The researchers say that Turkestan and Caucasus are the primary cradle of carpet weaving.

From some of the texts of the texts, it is believed that the art of carpet weaving existed before BC

(The birth of Christ).

But eventually this particular art is of Persia, and Iranians are the first people to go to carpets and carpets, and in this case their art is renowned for the world.

According to the research, the first carpet in the world is Persian rugs.

This carpet was discovered in 1949 by a group of Russian archaeologists in excavations in the Southern Siberian Altai region in the same valley named Pazirik.

The carpet history dates back to the fifth and sixth millennia BC in Central Asia.

Persian rugs are the first and most ancient handmade carpets in the world.

Which attributes its texture to the Achaemenid era.

There is a very famous “Safest” carpet called Baharestan, which has a lot of glory and beauty and has been considered in Islamic literature too.

Due to the beauty and art and the precision and delicacy of carpet weaving, this art has always been the focus of attention today.

Iranian Carpet Popularity

One of the main reasons why Persian carpets are more popular in the world, and especially in Saudi Arabia , uae and Dubai, is more colorful than other carpets in other countries, and about the quality of materials used in it Better.

The art and elegance of it are applied and the colors look alive and natural. Its roles are attractive and specially designed for the eye-catching viewer and buyer.

All this has been instrumental in making the Persian carpet popular.

Iranian carpet features

Regardless of the geographical condition of the carpet, each city or province has different similarities.

In some cases, they are completely different because the cultural situation of each city is different.

A number of differences include differences in the type of texture and the role of the yarn and the type of wool.

In general, a quality rug should pay attention to the following features:

_ 12 nodes in one node.

_ Wool is arranged behind the sheep, not separated by lime.

_ Sheep in the mountainous, green and green areas.

_ The color used should be high in its degree of stability.

Undoubtedly, it is famous for many times around the Persian carpet and it is well received and used by all countries in this world. In this field, our country is the main suppliers of this industry.

The carpet of Tabriz differs from the carpet of other cities.

Tabriz Carpet Types are composed of fine texture and coarse texture, and the difference in quality of materials and materials varies greatly with other cities.

For example, with a carpet map of Isfahan or a carpet map of Kerman.

Understanding the carpet and its features, except for its professional and professional matters, is not very difficult, and it’s easy to do, and buying and selling by seeing and touching a carpet or carpet can partly determine its quality and recognize it.

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