Iranian Carpet Clients in Dubai and Arab Countries

Persian handmade carpets in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, have many fans and customers.

In this article, four Arab countries that are the main customers of Persian handmade carpets have been introduced and their favorite carpet features are mentioned.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the first handmade carpet customers among Arab countries.

On the other hand, Iranian handmade carpets among the carpets of other exporting countries have the largest share in Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, the characteristics of the people and Saudi Arabia are favored.

Color combinations

In Saudi Arabia, there are more rugged carpets with pale colors and a red spectrum.

carpet pattern

Geometric designs in this country have more fans than carpets that have a role-playing role and include photographs.

Carpet fiber

Most carpets are woven with different fibers, including silk and wool, and this country has a customer.

The size of the carpet

In Saudi Arabia, carpets of a large size, such as carpets of a thousand meters or more, are more customer-friendly than other carpets.

One of the uses of these carpets is to use in the palaces of the heads and elders of this country.

Religious places are also among the things that have increased the use of these carpets.


Kuwait is another Arab country interested in Iranian handmade carpets.

The reason for this interest is the dating and originality of the Iranian handmade carpet.

Among the features that are considered in Kuwait for handmade carpets are the following:

Color of the carpet

In terms of colors in Kuwait, they are also interested in carpets with bright and dark themes.

carpet pattern

In this country, they are more interested in old Iranian carpet designs, they are more interested in carpets with less design and simplicity.

The size of the carpet

Rugs and small sizes in the sizes of 6 and 4 meters in the country more sold.

United Arab Emirates

The other Arab country, including Persian handmade carpet customers, is the UAE.

The carpets that are most popular in this country include the following features:

Color of the carpet

Rugs with white and creamy white hair also have flags with a dark blue theme and red spectrum.

carpet pattern

Different designs for handmade carpets In this country, designs used in carpets of Qom and Tabriz have more fans and customers.

The size of the carpet

There are different sizes of carpets and applications in the country, which have a large size of one thousand meters. Also, small carpets with carpets have their own customers.


The other Arab country, which is a large Iranian handmade carpet, is Lebanon whose favorite carpet in this country includes:

Color of the carpet

Like the other Arab countries, the country tends to be more likely to have red and color spectrum carpets.

carpet pattern

The country is more interested in designs used in carpets in the Baluchi and Kurdish regions of Iran.

Carpet fiber

Woolen carpets in this country have more fans and customers.

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