Classic curtains and their design

Although we see the advent of modern technology in different areas, but still, most people are interested in traditional decorations and the use of classical equipment.

One of the techniques used in classical decoration is classical curtains that have a unique and old-fashioned design.

Classic curtains are mainly used for hanging and their coloring is very diverse.

Some examples of classic curtains can be created in this way.

Royal curtains:

These curtains are mostly sophisticated and crowded, and are usually made of velvet and silk.

The size of the fabric used in this design is very high and is fixed on the window.

Of course, some of them may have open and close capabilities.

Its size is very large in royal curtains and it is a large part of the original curtain.

French curtains:

These curtains have very large rings that are responsible for holding the flag on the bars.

Regarding home decoration, the colors of these curtains are usually darker and can be opened and closed.

The dark color of these curtains helps to avoid the use of lining and to be used only.

Modern curtain and its design

Although classic screencases have their own fans, it must be admitted that modern curtains are more suitable for decoration designers and more admirers.

In these curtains, mostly bright colors are used in monochrome and the volume of fabric used in them is also less.

In modern curtains, there is no compulsory use of long cloths to indicate more height at home. Some of the modern curtains include:

Zebra curtains:

These curtains are a thin layer of lace that is completely different from traditional curtains. The design of these products is such that they can be used in the window frame or outside the window.

The variation in this type of curtain is very low and only a few simple changes in their design pattern are enough.

Monochrome light curtains:

These curtains are hanging and more monochromatic with bright colors. In this case, more are trying to use lightweight fabrics such as silk or satin, and their colors are mostly chosen from bright colors.

Short and fixed curtains:

These curtains are also designed in a way that they are selected as long as the window of the window, and they do not use motor tools.

The application of this model is limited to modern curtains in the room with low lighting and there is no need to use lining.

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