Iranian carpet in dubai

Iranian carpet and Persian carpet have long been famous and used, and the document is also written by the Greek historian Dzhenfonon in the book Syrt Kurosh between 430 and 345 BC.

Iranians spread their rug under their bed to make their bed soft.

Sony Sue Chinese Yearbook in the Sassanid Period of Iran’s Wooly Carpet Named as Imported Goods to China.

The famous Baharestan carpet at Caisson Palace has had a great reflection in Islamic literature due to its glory.

The oldest sample of the world’s carpet ever discovered is the Aryan rug with the Achaemenid noble motif found in the grave of one of the Scythian rulers in the Pazirik valley and called Pazirik.

Researchers consider this technology to be lost in Parthians or Medes and related to the Achaemenid period. Currently, 40% of Iran’s carpet exports is carried out through East Azarbaijan Province.

Iran’s relative advantage in producing and exporting handmade carpets

One of the significant phenomena in recent years is the growing trend of globalization. Iran is seeking to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) in order to expand its non-oil exports and to expand its presence in the world markets and is currently a member of the Organization’s oversight body.

One of the important industries to be studied for this purpose is the handmade carpet industry.

Persian carpets in the Arab countries require a lot.

Carpets and rugs

Despite all this reputation, but still the Iranian carpet is unknown, not only for other countries, but also as we should and perhaps not know it.

Few can guess the location of the carpet by seeing the carpet and say its features.

While the national identity card is exhausted, it does not recognize the characteristics of the carpet. The buyer will regret buying the carpet only when buying without regard to its use, due to its beauty and design and role.

If there is not enough information to make a mistake.

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