Wonderful Dubai Carpet and Flooring

Dubai Carpet and Flooring

Using beautiful carpets and rugs at home, and spreading them on a beautiful wooden flooring such as parquet or laminate parquet can bring a special beauty to Iranian homes.

Of course, the harmony of the shape and design of this floor with the decor and the type of house space is also important in modern homes.

Since carpets and rugs have played a major role in Iranian culture, so even today there are several reasons for using it at home. Covering part of the house floor with carpets and beautiful carpets is there.

Including a warm and comfortable atmosphere, as well as creating a sense of tranquility in the guests while stepping on the carpet. This issue is especially important in houses with wooden or ceramic floors.

Certainly this happened to you that in autumn and winter, you went to a private house, whose flooring was stone or ceramic, and in parts of the house space, no second floor covering was used to cover it.

When walking and walking on such a surface, you will certainly not feel happy and feel cold. One of the ways to overcome this problem is to use flooring such as carpet.

Of course carpet weaving is not in this category, but in houses made of wood flooring (such as laminate parquet), it is easy to use in carpet and carpet parts of the house not only the beauty of Iranian noble art Enter your home, but with the finest carpet and first-rate carpet you can prepare and decorate your home space – especially catering – in the best possible way to welcome guests.

Remember that if you choose the correct carpet, applying it to the surface of the laminate parquet (or other wooden flooring) can double the beauty of your home.

It might be interesting to know that Iranian carpet has many fans in our country, but also in many countries of the world, especially the UAE and Dubai.

Some Iranian handmade carpets or rugs are so valuable that they are sold at relatively high prices on the world markets.

On the other hand, since the sale of laminate parquet is very high worldwide, and every year, the number of people who use their flooring at home in their workplaces is significantly increased, the combination of these two means the use of carpets .And the carpets in the houses where their flooring is laminate parquet, creates a very beautiful and perfect composition.

Often, when they say they are handmade, most people immediately notice high quality and quality, and the enthusiasts are more interested in that product.

One such product is carpet and carpet. Especially Iranian handmade carpets that have long been considered by high quality and have attracted the attention of Iranian and foreign customers.

A device called the handmade is all about quality and price, which is much more important for Iranian and Eastern handmade carpets.

Usually handmade carpets are made from woolen and silk yarns. For this reason, these types of carpets are more comfortable and durable.

Of course, when buying and installing it at home, you should consider important points on the laminate parquet flooring.

Including: To decorate the room decoration using carpets and rugs, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the carpet as well as the distance to the wall. Also, do not use long carpets to spread in the living or sitting room and do not place them close to the wall.

It’s best to have carpets or rugs that are in the middle of the living room and have a good position when entering strangers or guests to the house, and the beauty of it will be more.

In the end, we again emphasize that if you use durable and durable flooring, such as German-made veneer laminate parquet, and the use of carpets and rugs and flattening them at home, it can make your home more beautiful and joyful.

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