Install wallpaper in Dubai

wallpaper in dubai

Install wallpaper in Dubai : Wallpaper has a lot of popularity these days because it allows for quick and easy installation, and there is no problem with the sharp smell of paint after implementation.

In this article, we want to explain the method of installing wallpaper.

Tools needed to install wallpaper

Before starting to install wallpaper, we need some special tools to do this. These tools include:

• Great brush

• Plastic screwdriver

• Carving razor

• ruler

The main tools are the installation of wallpaper.

Steps to install wallpaper in Dubai

To get started, keep your home appliances between one and one and a half meters from the wall so that you can put a long leg or a ladder.

If you do not have a desk available, you can use a wide table with a wide level, such as the dining table, for The ruler does not need to be rolled. Any means that you are sure to use is smooth to use for wallpaper.

A special adhesive tape can be purchased from construction materials or painters, and to prepare it for use in wallpaper installation. Mix with a little water and gluing wood.

Install wallpaper in dubai on wet walls

If you have diarrhene, you should dry it and eliminate it, because staying moist in the wall will damage your wallpaper.

Once removing the source of moisture, the wall can be primed and even.

After drying, If the whole wall is plastered, then check the wall that is completely homogeneous and there is no gap or cracks left.

After ensuring that the wall is uniform, it is better to remove the entire wall.

Lube oil to remove spots from the putty. When installing the wall-paper, dilute the glue solution with a little brush stroke Great Wall Apply to clean dust from the wall to wallpaper on the walls to be connected as well.

Ensure that you have cut off the power before installing the wallpaper.

The role of cutting wallpaper in the installation of wallpaper

We cut the wallpaper from 5 to 10 cm longer than the wall length, and we’ll put it on the table.

Be careful only to cut the first part to this size because the next roll should be cut off based on the layout of the wallpaper.

For the second roller, the design must be considered in such a way.

Make sure to match the first roll. You may even have to cut it 60 cm bigger than the wall. It’s recommended to cut the roll with each other and then roll the next roll.

As it takes a little time to mount the wallpaper, the wallpaper will dry. For Glide from the center of the wall to the edges. Try not to adhere to the edges and stick edges.

Keep up to ten minutes. Just insert the first plate vertically and leave the rest of the slabs to their own vertical. Remove the glue from the edges with a screwdriver.

Cut off the add-ons with a spatula. Spread more than 15 minutes. Self-abandoned, crashed, crammed and unusable. Piper’s wallpaper is another way.

If you have installed laminate parquet in your home, be careful not to stick the parquet.

Use wallpaper in Dubai hotels

In Dubai’s most expensive hotels, beautiful, eye-catching wallpapers, for example, have been used to enter the hotel rooms and so on, which has given the hotel a special beauty.

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