Carpet in dubai

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Carpet in dubai
Dubai Carpet

Carpets are one of the things that signify an area. Items sold here come from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Central Asia. Carpet quality depends on the number of factors such as the area of ​​the material used, the number of knots and the texture of the carpet. The most expensive carpets are usually handwoven or silk.

Carpet in dubai

Carpets are one of the things that signify an area. Items sold here come from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Central Asia. The price of carpets depends on the number of factors such as its area, materials used, number of knots and its hand weaving. The most expensive carpets are usually silk handwoven in Iran. The higher the quality of the carpet, the cleaner the work is, so be careful if the pattern is perfectly painted and the knots are clean, the carpet is of a higher quality than any other unspecified. Try to do a little research on your purchase until you come across an unscrupulous seller who has misused your simplicity to get a basic idea of ​​what you are looking for. Fortunately, cheaters and cheaters are few in the rug and often happily explain the difference between rugs and share their extensive knowledge with you. Refer to the collection of different rugs to find out about the differences between handmade, machine, silk, wool or hybrid rugs. Needless to say, as soon as you enter the carpet doors, you will undoubtedly open the carpets and open them at an unbelievable speed. The prices of the rugs vary from several hundred dirhams to tens of thousands of dirhams. It’s always worth hitting the bargain to make sure the seller knows you’re not a tourist, and keep up the courage to maximize success in bargaining. The Deirah Tower in Al-Nasr Square has a number of top-floor carpet stores, and the Blue Souk in Sharjah has a complete collection. You may usually find yourself selling round-the-clock carpet in your home. These people are often found in the area in their old and worn-out carpets. Their quality is not great and even if you show the least interest he will come to you again and again

Iranian carpet

Iranian carpet is an art-industry that has long cast a shadow over Iranian culture as a name for credibility for Iran. Shrinking every home with an Iranian rug is an opportunity to touch on Iran’s many-year-old history and the rugs of the Iranian rug that are the epic place of our knitting compatriots that depict God’s creation.

The motifs used in Iranian carpets are drawn from the culture and lifestyle of its weavers everywhere in Iran. It can be said that every Iranian carpet is a beautiful painting, showing the nature and culture of a line from Iran and its authenticity can be seen.

Due to this characteristic, the explorers, after finding the “Pazirik” carpet in a region of the same name in Russia, realized that it was an Iranian carpet because it had a design of Persian horsemen and Persepolis forms. It is referred to as the first Iranian carpet.

Classical Persian carpet texture dates back to the Safavid dynasty and was developed in cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Mashhad, Kerman, Joshushan, Yazd, Esterabad, Herat, Shirvan, Gharabagh and Guilan. The bergamot was common in the middle of carpets and lintels. Iranian carpet exports also expanded during Fath Ali Shah and afterwards to Nasser al-Din Shah, making Iran the largest exporter of handmade carpets.

The philosophy of carpet emergence has been its use as a substrate since the beginning, so obviously its thickness and gender vary in different climatic conditions. Carpets are woven in different ways in different regions of Iran, this variety can be seen in knots, types of fibers used and stained.

The difference in the type of node has divided it into Turkish and Persian nodes. As their name implies, the first node is for Turkish-speaking areas and the second is for Persian-speaking areas.

As we know, sheep wool is used for Iranian carpet weaving. In different parts of Iran due to climatic and climatic reasons, the existence of extensive pasture fields as well as long sunny days per year has made wool to have different properties such as jade and indentation.

Jade is a springy fiber and indentation that enhances the retention power of wool and impairs the quality and beauty of the carpet. Due to the use of natural fibers in the Iranian carpet, there is no sensitivity for its users.

The use of herbal dyes in the Iranian carpet goes back thousands of years and is still used as a standard for carpet coloring, which adds to the authenticity of the Iranian carpet. Natural colors, in addition to their stunning beauty, are also more stable.

The Iranian carpet is the only flooring that doubles as a walk-in, a wash and a beautiful light, all of which are very valuable competitive advantages that have made this valuable national asset distinct from other hand-made carpets in different parts of the world, which unfortunately The disregard for such national assets by each of us has led in recent years to the carpets of competing countries such as China and ….. a part of the market, even the domestic market.

Mentioning all the features that make the Iranian carpet unique compared to other handmade carpets in different parts of the world takes a lot of time, and here we are. The Iranian carpet is rooted in Iranian culture, history and culture, and spreading this strong culture to preserve it for future generations is one of our duties, and we should know that we have helped preserve our cultural heritage by purchasing an Iranian carpet.

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