Different types of blinds in building in dubai

Different types of blinds exist in building . The beauty of the curtain doubles the space of the room, so it is used as an indispensable decorative element in the design of home decoration.

This decorative element not only contributes to the charm and beauty of the room but also creates privacy and adjusts the amount of sunlight.

Interior designers recommend choosing the best quality when buying home curtains because the curtains are likely to rot when exposed to sunlight.

For this reason, choosing a quality curtain, though costly, can save you money in the long run. Choosing the right different types of blinds is one of the issues that is very important to consider.

The choice of curtain model and type of fabric varies depending on the room where the curtain is installed. For example, if you want to use curtains for the living room, you might want to buy heavy fabrics and use lighter curtains for the bedroom that are personal and cozy.

When buying a fabric curtain, be sure to choose a curtain that will fit nicely when you assemble it at the corner of the window.

Notable for different types of blinds

Another point when choosing a different types of blinds is choosing the right length for it.

If you want the roof of your home to look taller than it is, you need to install the curtain rod as high as possible, and by increasing the length of the curtain of the room it also looks taller.

If there is not too much space between two windows, you can use a wide screen for both windows.

Different types of blinds

For shorter and regular windows use curtains that have more ornamentation at the bottom. For tall windows, use wooden frames mounted on top of the curtains , and choose a blinds that has more ornamentation on the top.

Do not forget the curtain lining. In addition to preventing direct sunlight on the different types of blinds , the liners also protect privacy and prevent shadows from falling overnight.

Don’t forget that the use of long curtains gives the room a formal and classic feel. If the windows in the room are low, you can use tall curtains to cover the lower wall of the window.

In this case the room becomes more formal. In addition, buy a curtain that matches the color of the furniture.

Linen, silk and velvet can be good choices because they will look good when hanging or folding.

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