Dubai roller blind

Dubai roller blind is one of the favorite curtains for commercial and residential spaces.
This simple Dubai roller blind is wrapped around a spring roller mounted on top of the window. As well as opened, and retracted using this roller.
Roller system is designed to deliver excellent performance in a wide range of window sizes, fabric weight, and fabric thickness.
The manufacturing process does not involve glue or stitching and always creates a clean and professional product for the blind.
One of the features of this curtain model is its complete. Shrinkage as a narrow cylinder at the top of the window. As well as which allows light to shine entirely from the window to the room. And does not cover any part of the window.
Use extra precision to measure the window’s dimensions. And cut the curtain to make this type of curtain because the tiniest defect in the curtain will be significant when installed.

Dubai roller blind is another factor in the beauty of homes

Dubai roller blind

This curtain model is ideal for windows that open inward. Since the roller model Dubai is almost invisible, it is less decorative in appearance and often used for decorative purposes. 

 But the curtain can also be decorated in different ways, including stencil printing on it or sewing a variety of strips, beads, and other decorations on the edges.

To make this particular model, it is best to use a curtain or a curtain for the Dubai roller blind to have a regular, smooth, and trim appearance. Roller blinds with thick textured paper can also be made for small windows.

In this case, you will not need to skirt the fabric. Simple and striped fabrics are more suitable for patterned roller curtain stitching than patterned fabrics, but a variety of patterned fabrics can also be used for this purpose.

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