Artificial grass applications and its various applications

Artificial grass applications is actually a type of flooring. That is more durable and durable than “natural grass” and has a more violent appearance and nature. The reason for naming artificial turf is their color similarity to natural grass. One of the advantages of synthetic grass is that it is denser and more durable than natural grass. In addition, the problem of grass seed growth in non-fertile soils has also been resolved.

It should be noted that in European and Scandinavian countries where cold prevents the growth of Artificial grass applications. And in the tropical and tropical countries where excessive heat causes ordinary grass to disappear. Using artificial flooring can be one of the best options. Be it. Mostly, this type of flooring is used in sports stadiums and playgrounds. It is good to know that the United States was the first country to use artificial laminate. And lawn for its sports grounds, but it did not achieve much success. But nowadays, and with a sense of need. There is a great deal of use of artificial grass in sports clubs. And the market for this product is growing rapidly.

Artificial grass applications

What material is made of artificial grass applications?

In order to produce and manufacture, Artificial grass applications، polymers of polyethylene, polypropylene or a combination of both are used. The use of appropriate polymers and the good of the artificial grass is very important. As they are produced by producing polymers. They can be produced by polymers, such as anti-oxidants and optical. And thermal stabilizers in the formulation of polymers.

The main use of the two areas of “sports and” decorative fields “is: Artificial grass applications. In the kindergarten courtyard. On the grounds of the children. As well as on the terrace of the house, in the home of the home, around the pools. The stone rocks, on the football fields, as well as in the tennis fields, in the city of the city. As well as in parks, in the plans, the residential. And commercial towers, in a variety of fields of playgrounds (like tennis, hockey, football. As well as golf, mini golf clubs and clinical clubs). Artificial grass for the space of the factories, in the balconies and the landscapes, and the roofs.

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