Install a duplex blind in dubai

Install a duplex blind allow you to mount two layers of curtain together. The curtains are usually thinner, allowing light to enter the room, while the curtain is usually thicker and more stylish and decorative.

The double curtains give the room more versatility. You can also adjust the amount of light entering the home as well as the amount of visible light from the outside.

You do not need to have a specialist quiz do this and you can easily do it yourself in just 5 minutes.

Depending on the window you want to Install a duplex blind you can embed the curtain rod on the ceiling or on the wall above the window. If you intend to install rails on the wall, you must provide the L-base mounts specifically designed for this purpose.

If you intend to install rails on the roof, provide 4 ceilings for each rails.

The distance from the top of the window to the curtain should be at least 1 cm. Note that the curtains between 1 and 2 cm on each side should be wider than your frame.

Take the drill and make holes as big as the rolls you have on the mark you made in the previous step. If your drill is thinner than the rollers, you can narrow the hole slightly by turning it around.

Perform Install a duplex blind

After drilling,Install a duplex blind wrap the screws slightly in the dowels and slam them into the holes with a hammer.

If the duplicates did not fit perfectly into the holes, it means that the hole you created is a bit narrow or tight.

Duplex blind

So you have to remove the drill again and fix the hole. After repeating the previous steps, open the screws and place the pedestals on the roller holes and fasten them with screws.

At this point, mount the mounting brackets on the rails and then mount the L-shaped brackets. You have to install a duplex blind. Now it’s time for somebody from around you to help guide the rails and their distance from the sides of the window.

When making sure the curtain rods are adjusted, tighten the screws on the complementary pedestals to secure them in place.

When the curtain rails are in place, it is time to hang the curtains. Start from the back curtain first.

And then go to the side curtain. Be sure to cover the rails after hanging the curtains to prevent the rails from leaving the rails.

Depending on how your curtains are opened and closed, you can fasten the curtains from one or both ends of the curtains to the covers, so they do not slip out of place.

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