Carpet throughout history of Iranian in dubai

Carpet throughout history of Iranian. As well as There is no mention of the carpet weaving industry of Iran during the Sassanid period. As well as except for narratives in scattered writings. In the Chinese yearbook (Sui-Su) (ranging from 1 to 5 years to 1-3 years) rugs are listed as Iranian products. Heraclius’s war with the Roman emperor of East Rome against Khosrow Parviz and his victory. And the looting of the city of Tisphon in the early seventh century AD. Including objects looted from Iran, are also referred to as “soft carpets”.

There is also a narrative that the “Throne of Thrones. As well as (the Fractional Throne in Tysphon) is spread over the Khosrow Parviz. As well as a Carpet throughout history with a garden plan, which is a diagram of four seasons. The author of Tabaric history mentions this carpet as the spring of Khosrow. As well as “at the time of spring of Khosrow”. It is described as a carpet known as Baharestan Carpet. Whose plan was like a garden in the spring, decorated with colorful flowers and leafy trees. As well as a picture of a pond in the middle and doves sitting on the sides of the atmosphere. The carpet background was woven from cinnamon and gold thread. As well as the leaves of the trees and flowers were of silk.

Carpet throughout  history

Carpet throughout history after Islam in Iran

There is no specimen of rugs left after Islam until the ninth century AH. Except in the book of this tourist and that historian. There are references to the Carpet throughout history fame of Iran. Shortly after the migration, a Chinese tourist named Huang Tsang spoke of the Iranians’ skill in carpet weaving. And another, that Al-Mustansir had the carpet of the Abbasid caliphs depicted in human. So, form with Persian inscriptions (Masoudi, a historian of the early fourth century AH). The following is about a dozen al-‘Alam (compiled in Year 2): and the price of rugs, carpets, silos and carpets. In the same book of woven Sistan and Bukhara and Persian Carpet throughout history are also mentioned.

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